You can contribute to the development of in two different ways:

Spreadsheet Data

Our ranking of services is based on a Google Spreadsheet, which dynamically updates the website when data in the spreadsheet changes. The spreadsheet is public, and can be found here.

If you have a suggestion for an improvement, a new category or service we should add, leave a message in our Slack channel. It's also possible to comment on the spreadsheet.

Become A Patron - And Get Membership Benefits

Currently, is in the Alpha stage of development. Because we are a bootstrapped startup, and don't want to rely on venture capital, and ads that compromize your privacy, we need financial contributions.

Our plan is to release a new version of within Q4 2018, you can help us financially by pre-subscribing to our service. Once the new version of our website is live, your subscription will automatically pause for the amount of months you have previously subscribed. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Example: If you subscribed for 3 months before our launch, your subscription will pause for 3 months when the website is ready.

By supporting our next release you will get the following benefits:



30-Day Refund Policy

Other Ways To Support

We are open to establishing partnerships, where we can list an unobtrusive sponsor link to your website.

If you would like to learn more, please send an email to contact[at]

You can also donate with cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin: 14aijhCBxUj8mAoEis9BAxQED83tK7rPJm

Bitcoin Cash: qqn53uv3r2a709ahlflju9vfdtyycnlqnq4uu42w2l

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Litecoin: LKTB7NZNk24dv9u94m5xEbUaMWnky1ZRo4

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